Thursday, January 22, 2009


Check out my portfolio here.

Also, I made a teaser to my portfolio for the first time. I've gotten mixed reviews, most included laughing, so I really would like to hear some feedback about it. I just decided to have some fun and try something new... and the thing I like about it is it shows my personality. Unfortunately, my personality is pretty goofy. -__-;;

Go here to take a look at it.

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Carly said...

Hey Tracy,
I think your teaser is a really good are onto something with the idea of communicating your personality through the teaser...

That being said, I think you could refine it a little more. The page with you and the head/heart/hand business is strong...maybe have the title page, and then that page, and then three projects- 1 of each that relates more specifically to the head/heart/hand. Doing something like that will help the teaser 'flow' and feel more cohesive. It also may not be necessary to include too much info about each project...instead, just a snippet!

Hope that helps!?