Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My coworker has a turtle at work. It constantly tries to escape from it's bowl. :3

Some sketches

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Block Party

This is how it's done in Yuanshan! ^^v

Platters of food prepared
At the end of the "hall" there is a stage for their program,
where karaoke will be sung and comedic acts will be performed.

The restaurant owners all closed shop to help prepare food for the event.

What Goes Down at the Park

I visited Daan Park, the Central Park of Taipei, to do field research this week. Since school has just begun, it was fairly empty during the day, however many elderly people were spotted here and there. They mostly congregated under the shade to chat or to lay down and rest. 

I feel like the people in parks here are 70% elderly people. Perhaps it's because of the amount of free time they have... or their appreciation for nature... or their incredible ability to endure heat.