Friday, April 29, 2011

Starting Back Up

Yes, it has been nearly a year since I have updated, and it is high-time I do it! 

Here's the short version of what I've been up to since then:

I graduated in June.

Then, I went to Taiwan to study Chinese at National Taiwan Normal University for 5 months. 

I fell in love with Taiwan. 

I tried to obtain a working permit there and failed. 

So, back to the USA I flew. 

Worked at Priority Designs for 5 months gaining a wonderful experience, while arranging an internship at Pega D&E.  

Now, I am back in Taiwan, working my first week at Pega (also known as Pegatron). Who knows what will come next?

I hope to share some experiences and cultural stories with you this time around. So, please enjoy!