Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brands That Create an Experience

Looking at branding experiences that use advertising as a means of campaigning for something deeper than just selling their product, Dove really has it going on. It drives the concept of being honest to its users in its advertising through showing and promoting confidence.

As someone who has personally encountered young women who have been emotionally and physically effected by false advertising and unhealthily-thin models, I see the value of how Dove has taken this problem and chosen to solve it through its positive "love yourself" advertising, nourishing products, and campaigns. This is a great case of user-based brand experience.

*Kudos Carly G for her much deeper perception of this brand.


carly said...

thanks. :) dove and i go way back.

i also think these ads represent "social sustainability" by reversing the negative impact of obligatory advertising.

Michael said...

Another popular name for it is "corporate social responsibility."