Monday, January 26, 2009

Lovegrove Genesis

Back in October, I attended the Seoul Design Festival and got the opportunity to see Ross Lovegrove speak. There he provided his personal moral and ethical code to approaching design. Since, I did not take full fledged notes, I'll just share some important points he shared.

Here are the components of his code:
1. Organic essentialism: Awareness of our surroundings.
2. Lightness: Being economical. (Note: Don't be seduced by "minimalism">can be cheap.)
3.Natural Energy is for our future.
4. Netification

Nature is our guide in form. "No one ever says, 'look at that ugly tree.'"

Good designers have instinct! Obtain super awareness! Need to have an architectural/structural sense (today, we are going through new barriers structurally. ahem, Dubai?!)

Inspire people to use their own resources, it is not our role to inspire consumerism.

On sustainability: Fixing the problem doesn't mean going backwards. We should use technology we have today to move forwards!

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