Monday, July 13, 2009

Updated Portfolio!

I'm looking for some feedback before I start sending this out! Still thinking I should add something to the Compaq project... perhaps.

Check it out!


Sam Amis said...

Hey Tracy! Hope all is well, the Portfolio is looking sweet as always. A few things I saw...Page 6 is a little confusing, I feel like the images are too cropped and zoomed in to really show off the OOBE. And I would add some sort of sketches, cause it's a big jump from defining your problems to the final product on the next page. Other than that I think it looks good. The battery project is kick ass. I'm sure you'll land a sweet job, see you in the winter when I switch sections!

Carly said...

Its looking really nice...I know you worked hard on this. I just went through it quickly, but the only think I saw was that the first big, rendered puma shoe sketch (on the same page with the smaller ideation sort of sketches) is a little weaker than the others. You could probably take it out, or maybe it would be worth a re-sketch(?) I think a different perspective on the shoe would help it out.