Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chair Progress

It's our chair quarter this summer, and narrowed my concepts down to a story that explains nature through geometric forms. The theme is "in the park" where anyone who sits in it can be reminded of relaxing in the park. It is a quiet form, but has many intricacies and elements of surprise.

I'm currently refining the bench (form and legs) and figuring out the most efficient way to manufacture this. As of now, the bottom of the bench will be steam-molded felt which then will be needle felted to a linkage system of multicolored felt pieces. Through the gaps of the linkage system, surprises will come through and give a taste of nature.

I've come to be really fond of this concept and I think it really speaks out my personality as someone who's crafty and cute but also has a need for mathematics and structure.

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