Friday, July 31, 2009


For the past 6 weeks in our Design Communications studio, Sylvia Spencer, Michael Kandel and I have been working to create a new brand/identity for Men's Beauty products. Our design team is called "Cake," because our designs provide many sweet layers of awesome solutions. The concepts shown here are what I rendered for our last critique, where we each presented 3 brand families. We have been working around having a design language that fits the theme "Urban Raw," which is for urban men who are attracted to pure colors and materials and a stripped-down lifestyle. Through our process we have been working together a lot and have made smart decisions because of it.

For our next step, we each are taking one of our concepts and refining the form, CMF (color, material, finish), the brand's story, graphics, and the user.  I will be refining the Envoy concept.

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