Thursday, March 26, 2009

On another note...

Back on Halloween, I went out to King's Tap, a Western-style bar in Shinchon, Seoul dressed as a dancing machine (inspired by Robb Hunter's costume in 2005). This cool cat editor from put me in his blog amongst other clever outfits.

Description reads: "This one was pretty funny, and a very social costume. You push play… And she dances a kinda goofy version of “The Robot” until it gets a bit awkward, at which point you figure out the joke and hit the “STOP” button. I thought it was cute as hell."

Check the article here. FeetManSeoul is absolutely wonderful. It is a great place to check out Seoul street fashion.

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sillysylvie11 said...

hehe. you are famous. i loved what he said about your costume and your awkward dance.