Sunday, November 16, 2008

Technology's role in Improving the World

While doing some research, I came across an article on this man, Jan Chipchase, human-behavior researcher for Nokia. He travels the world and listens to people, studies their lifestyles, their needs and desires, and relays that information back to Nokia.

The article talks about how cell phones, through efficiency and convenience, can aid anyone in improving their business connections, getting answers to health questions, and connecting with loved ones from natural disasters. For poorer countries and families, cell phones are an opportunity for "inclusive capitalism," where those in poverty earn more wages on their own through connecting to others with technology.

Chipchase observes that today cell phones are a fixed identity for us. I wonder how/if that will change in the future.

I'm pretty positive this guy is one of my heroes. We need to listen to users to produce good and useful designs. Whoo!

Here's the article:
Can the Cellphone Help End Global Poverty

Here's his website:

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